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Are you thinking about buying or moving house? Would you like the car of your dreams so much but the cost scares you?
If you are considering the possibility of starting a mortgage or requesting a loan, here are some quick and simple tips to move in complete safety and peace of mind.
The first step is to ask yourself if this is the right time to do it, based on a summary analysis of your monthly and fixed costs and income.

It is necessary to ask, in fact, if the family budget is in balance and what monthly amounts you could sustain at medium or long term.
If, after this reflection, you think you can proceed, our advice is to inform you with precision on what, in technical language, your “creditworthiness” is defined.
What you consider fit for your skills is not always, in fact, the assessment of the bank or of those who must grant you a loan. But what are we talking about exactly?

What is “credit reliability?”

If you have always been regular and punctual in payments you are what is called a “good payer”. Your credit situation is therefore positive and you are reliable in case you want to apply for a new loan or loan.
All information in your credit history is contained in the SIC, credit information systems, archives that banks and other credit institutions consult before approving financing.
And based on the information obtained, judge your “creditworthiness”.
If you want to understand how much your current credit situation and past payments behavior for other financing can affect the assessment of your creditworthiness, Advanti is the answer you are looking for.

What are the other elements to consider?


It should always be kept in mind that each credit institution discreetly follows its own decision-making policy and has its own criteria for assessing creditworthiness.
The decision whether or not to grant a credit also depends on other information, such as socio-economic information: the age of the applicant, the stability and type of work, the income and the sustainability of a new installment on the family budget…
Furthermore, the possible presence of information from public sources, such as protests, legal mortgages and foreclosures, which can make access to financing more difficult, should not be overlooked.