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How to apply for a loan? Funding is a solution that can be used to provide liquidity to realize a dream or a project, like buying a car or buying a house. The process is much simpler than one might think. And it can vary based on the type of loan that is required.

Documents and requirements

As already anticipated, the requirements for accessing a loan vary according to the specific type of loan.

Transfer of the fifth (of salary or pension)

For public and private employees or pensioners, the requested loan is extinguished through monthly deductions that can not exceed one fifth of the salary or pension (hence the name of the loan). You can request it by making an appointment at the branch.

Who can request the assignment of the fifth:

  • State employees;
  • Permanent private employees;
  • Private fixed-term employees;
  • Retired (both from the public sector and from the private sector).

Personal loan: the “loan for excellence”

A personal loan is a non-finalized form of financing, so the amount requested can be freely used to purchase goods or services. Employees or self-employed workers, artisans or entrepreneurs with an age between 18 and 70 can request it. The sum goes from a minimum of 200 euros up to a maximum of 75 thousand euros.

The necessary documents:

  • Valid ID and tax code;
  • Income documentation;
  • Passport and residence permit (for non-EU customers only);
  • Bill of a domestic user (on request).

Loan with proxy

The proxy loan is based on the possibility of those who have a credit to transfer it to third parties. In this way, you can request an extra loan, even without specifying its use and even if you already have an active loan. The proxy loan is also called double fifth because the monthly payment can reach up to 40% of the salary or pension.

Who can request the loan by proxy:

  • Exclusively employed permanent employees and with permanent contracts.

Debt consolidation loan

In the case in which a person has stipulated more loans, it is possible to extinguish them in a single solution, in practice “merging” them into a single loan with only one installment: it is the debt consolidation loan. Lighter installment, single monthly installment and lower rate are the advantages offered by this form of financing.

Advance Infratool

Infratool is the IPL Bank tool with which it is possible to request, immediately, the advance of the end of service treatment. I can access this form of funding all those who, in fact, can prove to have the right to receive the Infratool.

The documents to request the advance of the Infratool:

  • Infratool settlement report;
  • Two identity documents;
  • Fiscal Code;
  • Income documentation;
  • Iban to credit the amount of the early liquidation from the bank.

Apply for a loan without a paycheck

Apply for a loan without a paycheck

For those who do not have a fixed income, the solution to apply for a loan without a paycheck is the personal loan: the credit institution, in fact, will be able to assess whether or not to provide this type of loan even in the absence of an income fixed, however, that the figure is chosen by the guarantor (a third party that agrees to pay the installments if the applicant was not able).

How long does it take to get the loan

How long does it take to get the loan

The waiting time of the loan changes according to the type of loan:

  • Personal loan and proxy loan: approximately ten working days;
  • Assignment of the fifth: it can take two / three weeks.