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It may seem almost an oxymoron, a contradiction, to talk about easy loans to bad payers and protesters, the difficulties and the restrictions of access to credit being well known for those who have been reported in the registers of the financial circuit due to mistakes in the recent past. We can certainly say that there are ways of financing and types of financial companies that make it easier to obtain capital, perhaps even a small amount, and even with a certain speed if one turns to online institutions, which operate through the web makes it possible to reduce both the costs of the loan and the timing of the preliminary phase. If you want to know everything about easy loans bad payers and protesters, or how to get them without too many problems and the financial ones that supply them, continue reading our guide dedicated to the subject.

Easy loans, what solutions?

easy loans protested bad payers

Speaking of easy loans for bad payers and protesters, what financial companies and credit institutions can offer to those who have had financial problems are essentially two types of financing, or

  • Employee loans
  • Loan changed

The first loan lends itself to being paid to employees of the public and private sector with a permanent contract (and with some limitations even to those with a fixed-term contract), and to pensioners: in this case, loan can also include debt consolidation always through the sale of the fifth, and the delegation of payment for employees. On the other hand, the loan with bills of exchange, while being open to any category of subject, is the easy solution for self-employed workers, freelancers and in general all those who do not have a pay slip to present as a guarantee of income. Let’s see in detail how both these types of financing work.

Employee loans

We begin our examination of bad loans, bad payers and protested with the sale of the fifth, a type of financing reserved for employees and pensioners. This is a loan not intended for the purchase of a specific asset, and therefore does not require any documentary evidence of expense when the credit application is submitted, has a fixed rate for the entire duration of the loan, and is characterized by the particular method of reimbursement, whereby the monthly repayment installment cannot exceed one fifth of the total amount of one’s salary or monthly net pension. The financial institutions easily grant the fifth assignment also to the bad payers and those who have suffered protests because the monthly payment through which the capital repaid is repaid plus interest is made through a direct deduction, made in a pay slip or on the pension slip by the employer, in the case of employees, or by the pension institution, in the case of pensioners, who pay the amount owed to credit institutions and financial companies, which thus need not fear a failure to pay the installments. There may be interest rates, in particular the APR, slightly higher for protesters and bad payers, due to the presence of a compulsory insurance to be underwritten, but in general there is no difficulty in providing a loan in the presence of a time-based pay slip undetermined, or in the presence of a social security benefit.

In summary, the main features of the fifth sale are:

  • Direct withholding of the salary or pension payment
  • Installment amount that cannot exceed one fifth of the salary or pension
  • Amortization period between 24 and 120 months
  • No guarantor required
  • No proof of expenditure
  • Insurance coverage (mandatory for pensioners and bad payers)

Loan with bills of exchange

Loan with bills of exchange

Who does not have a pay slip or a social security check to present to guarantee the credit has many difficulties to access a loan: therefore the easy loan solution for bad payers and protested in such situations necessarily becomes the loan or exchange rate changed if you prefer, which no longer provides for the classic amortization installments but just credit instruments, known as bills, duly signed and endorsed by a stamp, with an expiration date, which allows the funding body to foreclose the debtor’s assets in the event of missed balance of what agreed. On average through a loan with bills of exchange you can get up to 50,000 euros, but the convenience to stipulate this type of loan is related to the costs, higher than a classic loan, and also to the actual repayment capacity, so it could be useful to request a figure lower or in any case more sustainable, thus avoiding seeing one’s assets or assets seized.

The peculiar features of the loan are:

  • Ease of delivery even for self-employed and unemployed (with guarantor) with mistakes
  • Granting of the sum of money within 24/48 hours
  • Possibility to postpone the payment after agreement with the creditor institution
  • TANs and APRs higher than the market average
  • Insurance coverage (very often mandatory)

After seeing how to get easy loans to protesters and bad payers, we want to offer some examples of financial resources to turn to for credit in the event of negative reports at the banking registers.

Assignment of the fifth and delegation with Fincance

Assignment of the fifth and delegation with Fincance

We begin our discussion with Fincance, which proposes to its customers reported as bad payers or protested both the fifth assignment and the delegation of payment. This is reserved only for employees with permanent contracts, a type of loan that can be combined with the sale of the fifth in order to obtain additional liquidity, paying a maximum installment of two fifths of the net salary. There are though of the limitations especially the employees of private companies, for which it is necessary to have an adequate severance pay and a certain seniority in order to access the financing. Also for the loan delegation, as for the assignment of the fifth, the withholding of the installments takes place directly in the employee’s pay slip or on the pensioner’s slip, thus acting as a guarantee for the credit institutions and the financial companies to grant the loan to the bad payers : however, unlike the normal fifth sale, the payment mandate requires the authorization to proceed by the employer.

Coming to the offer of Fincance, the very convenient proposal also for bad payers is of loans with TAN at 3.95 per cent, having the possibility to request up to 75,000 euros. In any case, you can fill out the form on the official website to obtain a financing estimate within a few hours.

Financemm also for loan changes

Financemm is a financial intermediary that operates on the web, and allows you to make a request for a quote for various types of financing without the request being reported in the end-to-end knowledge company database of bad payers, so that in case of a negative outcome you can explore other opportunities of credit without having to get stuck as required by law. Once the application has been made, a consultant is called to assess the offers available in his financial situation, and possibly make an appointment, even at home. With Financemm, they can generally be requested

  • Personal loans
  • Debt consolidation loan
  • Loans changed
  • Mortgages for home purchase, restructuring, liquidity, subrogation, replacement
  • Fifth salary or pension transfer
  • Delegation of payment

Therefore protested and bad payers, both employed and retired and self-employed, can find solutions with this financial company to find capital in a short time and with relative ease.

The sale of the fifth of Ultranix

One of the most important financial companies operating online in Italy is Ultranix, through which to request the transfer of the fifth as an easy loan for bad payers and protesters : Ultranix proposes solutions in fact even in the case of other outstanding loans and any previous access difficulties to credit, without having to resort to a third party guarantor, who would lengthen the time for a possible consent to the loan application. The sale of the fifth Ultranix proposes fixed TAN and variable APR depending on the cases and the type of request. The current offer, valid until December 31st 2018, proposes a TAN of 4.91 per cent, which can be changed only in the event of a request in the branch, while this value remains very attractive in case of forwarding of the loan application on line.

Astrofinance cession of the fifth


Astrofinance, another of the most avant-garde companies in the field of online financial transactions, which allows the entire operation on the Internet, including sending documents and signing of the loan agreement, in full security thanks to the digital signature. The sale of the fifth Astrofinance proposes zero expenses for

  • Brokerage commissions and practical management
  • Stamp duty for periodic communications
  • Stamp duty substituted
  • Commissions for practical preliminary investigation

Periodically Astrofinance offers financing offers at particularly advantageous conditions: until November 30, 2018 it proposes

16,000 euros to be repaid in 120 installments, with fixed TAN 5.80 percent, fixed APR 5.95 percent. Being a fifth assignment obviously the monthly payment cannot exceed 20 per cent of one’s salary or pension, but the security of the reimbursement modality allows the disbursement to protested and bad payers.

Small loan with bills of exchange with BeloCredit

Finally we present a small loan offer with bills from BeloCredit, which proposes to the protesters and bad payers to be able to obtain a sum between 2000 and 5000 euros to be repaid within a maximum of 36 months (minimum amortization of three months), for all those who are between 18 and 75 years old. However, there are limitations regarding the categories of financeable subjects: Fast Credit does not finance self-employed workers, employees with temporary or fixed-term contracts, integrated employees, freelancers, pensioners who receive only a disability check or social allowances.


As we have seen the subject easy loans bad payers and protesters is quite thorny, since there are always various obstacles, limitations and criticalities for those who have had previous financial problems and have been reported to the end-to-end knowledge company or the Registry of Protests. Certainly there are simpler methodologies than others for obtaining credit: first of all, the possibility of requesting a fifth assignment, or a loan with bills, each with its own peculiarities and access limitations, but which at least do not require the use of a double signature with a guarantor, which extends the time and makes the preliminary phase more complex. And then there is the opportunity to obtain credit more quickly, when liquidity is urgently needed, turning to credit institutions and financial companies that operate online. Life is (relatively) simpler for employees and pensioners, but with a little perseverance in research it is possible to find a loan for self-employed workers and freelancers who have suffered protests or negative reports related to the failure to pay the installments of a previous financing.